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    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    So this is what life was like before the Internet. Sort of.

    I just have not been bothered to go on-line these past few days because my connection to the Internet just sucks royal ass. I thought the concept of the Internet and the World Wide Web was that we’d be able to connect no matter what. Traffic will be rerouted if one part of the Internet goes down. Hence, World Wide WEB.

    Anyway, these past few days were different. I’d go on-line for awhile. I can’t get to the sites I want. I get frustrated. I have hateful thoughts then I’d just turn off the computer.

    Suddenly I have all this time in my hands. I had no idea I spent that much time on the Internet doing stupid things like downloading TV shows I don’t have time to watch or digg for stories at researching the meaning of life.

    And suddenly, I am living again. I am watching TV. I am exercising. I am cleaning the apartment. Folding laundry. Separating the expired food products in my fridge by year. Visiting other parts of my apartment like the living room.

    I could get used to this.

    And why is it that whenever foreign press write news stories on Indonesians and mention a name, it is almost always followed by “who goes by just one name”. Really…who cares? I don’t think any reader who reads “Sipan is tired of crying” is going to go “I wonder if Sipan is his only name or he has more than one name.”

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    XMOCHA! said...

    happy 2007! cheers, SM