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    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    It's the Chinese New Year again. Usually also known as "The Annual Batdude Blogfest" held yearly in Melaka, this time things were different. For one, I did not plug into the Internet for more than four days! That's a record for me. And I survived.

    And the reason why I had blogfest in the first place; which is to keep me from hurting myself with blunt but still usable knives due to the boredom that Melaka offers, I was not bored this time. For this time, I planned well. One week before I left, I downloaded 14 episodes of "Heroes" and I brought that along with my "The Office" DVDs.

    That about sums it up: "Heroes" and sleeping, waking up only to eat. I am talking about 15-hour sleep days.

    This Chinese New Year was also different for another reason. It's the first time for me to be in Melaka celebrating CNY without my grandmother. So that was weird for me. And that also meant that the reunion dinner was at my parent's. When you only have ONE sister who lives in the same city as you, a family reunion dinner seems pretty silly. The moral of the story here is to have lots of kids. Family reunions are more fun that way.

    Now I am back in KL. I start making music again tomorrow. I am excited.


    Azlan said...

    Heroes is my obsession now.. Waiting a week for an episode of Heroes is almost like waiting for the rest of eternity. If they cancel the next season I'd jump off the bridge at Kg Sg Ramal Dalam!

    Mr. Manager said...

    Kg Sg Ramal Dalam. That's a stream, right?

    Azlan said...

    It's the place you've been too, mr. manager.. Ask ning..she knows kajang very well :P