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    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    This is how pathetic I am. I just recently discovered jambu air. I've seen it around but I never got around to eating one. Then a friend offered one to me about six months ago. I can't enough of it.

    Also called "rose apple" or "water apple", the jambu air which is of genus Syzygium, and is in the Myrtaceae species, native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Other common names include wax apple, love apple, java apple, wax jambu, and bell fruit.

    It retails for about RM5.00-RM-5.50 per kg.


    Mohariz Yaakup said...

    Baru lepas makan jambu ni... Sweet

    Fin said...

    It's funny.. how u've just discovered it.. ur not much of an adventurous eater aye? anyway, have u come across manggis before? heheh well.. jambu air (madu - lagi sedap) IS much easier to eat n get.. Enjoy..