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    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    I am still trying very hard to get used to the taste of cardboard oat. So I got this 3-in-1 oat mix by Quaker, maker of fine oat products. Sadly, it still tastes like cardboard; albeit fine cardboard. I look forward to the day I can enjoy a bowl of oatmeal without it being a test of my gag reflex.

    Just yesterday, I reluctantly went to a Chinese New Year dinner thing. Reluctant because I didn't know the host but her person who invited me has..... Let's just say I had to go and so I went. It was a new experience for me for several reasons. First, it was the home of a very rich Chinaman Chinese businessman. Second, he lives in Cheras. Rich Chinese businessman who lives in Cheras. It's almost too good to pass on an experience of witnessing a display of wealth and good taste.

    As expected, big-ass house. Maybe it's a mansion. I am not sure when "big house" crosses the line and becomes "mansion". Whatever it was, it is huge. Lots of wall-to-wall marble action. Swimming pool. Home theatre. Marble. I think it has nine bathrooms. Marble. It has a separate temperature-controlled room for the altar. Religious folks they are. Did I mention the marble?

    Then there's the excess of everything except lawn space. And the three roast whole pigs complete with the head. And the volume of their voices. And then there's the trash can that has a sign that says "TIN ONLY" but it is filled with aluminum cans.

    I see the person who invited me reach into a trash bag and pick out two beer cans and put them in the "TIN ONLY" bin.

    Me: Wow Cindy. I am impressed that you care for the environment. You recycle. You are changing my impression of Chinese people that we do not care about anything except for money.
    Cindy: Environment? What environment? Each tin I can get 5 sen! Who dowan?

    For a moment there, I thought I lost touch with my Chinese-kind. But all is well.


    badrul said...

    in puchong, u can get 10 sen!

    Mr. Manager said...

    Have you ever considered writing a book? You should, you know. I'd buy a copy.