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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    My parents are not young anymore. As obvious as that is, I just came to realise it recently. It is one of those things in life many take for granted. I've always just saw them as the same parents I've had since I was a child. In other words, they are still 35. Now both my parents are old and it is showing. Sometimes I feel sad when I think about it. And I just have this feeling I will regret for a lot of things I did not do with my parents while I had the chance. Eighty seven percent of that would be not spending enough time with them. I regret not spending more time with my grandmother. I regret not being able to visit China with her. But then again, I didn't have the means too. So the grandmother incident is making me realise a lot of the potential missed opportunities I could have with my parents. Perhaps that is what grandparents are for: To make us realise these things. It's a cycle. All this naturally leads me to question my own mortality. Yes! I have now successfully managed to depress myself. It must be the time of day and the music I am listening to and working on.

    Listen to my "Chicken Love" again.

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    Celestine said...

    Haha. I enjoyed "Chicken Love"! Nice falsetto. ;)