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    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    I've been watching that Arabic channel on Astro recently (Channel 5). It is quite entertaining. At first, I was watching it because I was getting cheap thrills from watching beautiful people speak Arabic. Imagine: this pretty model thing speaking like she is trying to hock this hunk of phlegm out of her throat.

    Then the shocking revelation. Their music.

    I am not sure if what I saw on TV represents what is going on in the Arab world but the music is fantastic. And the industry, while I am sure, is also plagued with piracy and illegal music downloads, seems so much more vibrant compared to what is going on in Malaysia. You'd think as Islamic countries, they'd have their women artists wrapped up head to toe. But no. The music and image are far more appealing and modern (and of course, sexier) than what we have going on here. Compared to them, Malaysian artists look antiquated and old-fashioned.

    I am going out on a limb to say this. But damn the torpedoes. I blame the media (to a certain extent) but I also blame the phase of the moon that clashes with Neptune.

    A singer here shows a little too much bare shoulder, and everyone gets on their case. A singer gets a little attention from some religious department, and that story becomes an exclusive. Siti Nurhaliza shows some cleavage and that makes the front page with her cleavage blurred out.

    With such backward and regressive thinking, it is no wonder our music industry is still in the stone-age. The only excitement is when a singer is embroiled in scandal. But never about the music. What does that say about us as a people and as a race?

    But I hear that people still get stoned to death in some Arab countries though. Go figure.


    Munki said...

    what's there to get excited about our so called music industry? at least the artists outside SEA at least, some still write their own music. Even the Sweden super producers, they write interesting crap unlike what the songwriters for hire here in Malaysia produce.

    i mean, i still buy my cds, but please not when it contains 5 songs from a songwriter that sound like the last 4000 stuffs he did and the rest are fillers not even fit to be recorded in the first place. Of course yours are one of the more reliable ones.

    Mr. Manager said...

    You only just discovered Arab music videos???

    Honey, I have a whole store-room full of them. My last visit to Cairo was...err...interesting. And that was waaay back in 1999.

    Chindiana said...

    Dude! The regressive thinking is all over the place! At least in a coupla years Tourism Malaysia can promote us as The Only Throwback Muslim Country Untouched by Time and Progress!

    Mr. Manager said...

    Love the bootleg remix of Dayang's HILANG! Love it! The melancholy Er of my greatest weaknesses!