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    Friday, August 10, 2007

    There are two things I really do not get. (Actually, I don't get a lot of things!) The first one is the popped collar. (See pic below.) I see that a lot with guys wearing their polo shirts. I want to come right out and say "I don't get it." It's right up there with the hip hop rapper guy who pulls up one side of this pants up to his ankles.

    Maybe I am old but is this supposed to be cool? The way I see it, only two two people can do the popped collar thing: A priest and Dracula. On anyone else, I just don't get it. If you know me, and you pop your collar, please explain it to me. The only reason I can think of is for neck-area ventilation. Better air flow? You tell me. I want to understand.

    And then there's this "babe" thing. "Hey babes!" or "Hi beb!" And there's the "sweetie." Somehow, these people think they are in an episode of "Friends" or they are white and in a teen high school movie.

    Stop it.


    ngy said...

    For the popped collar:

    I guess their style sense still stuck in the groovy period.

    It's so not cool.

    For the beb-thing:

    It's as fake as Posh's b**b.

    Mr. Manager said...

    Thank God I don't own any polo shirts or use the word 'beb'.

    Chindiana said...

    COuldn't stand it myself and straight out asked my friend. After some pressure with multiple cussing he told me it gave him confidence and yes he's a little insecure sometimes.

    So now everytime I see a wanker with a popped collar at the Curve I know he's got a small dick!

    Cuddly Family said...

    Hey Audi :) It's been a long time... ominous sounding as that seems.

    Fun blog. I don't get the popped collar thing either.
    but Im guilty of calling folks sweetie or hun. hehe