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    Saturday, August 04, 2007

    Today I am finalising the mixes for Diddy's album. And while waiting for the mixes to be exported, I have decided to blog aimlessly.

    Before I begin, I would like to announce that the "NO BLOG UPDATE MONTH" for the month of July was a great success! *Applause*

    On with the show.

    Let me tell you about this party I went to last week. I do not usually go to parties. In fact, I do not get out much. But this one, I had to go because.....

    This is a very exclusive party and only a handful of people were invited. I think the only reason why I was invited was because I am a close friend to this person. Not because of my personality or that I've ever shown any affinity for this kind of lifestyle. (And come to think of it, neither has he.) Anyway, it's a costume party and we were to dress up like members of the "Village People".

    So exclusive is this party that we were not told of the location but were told to meet at this place in KL. Once everyone arrived (about 20 or so), we were searched and our handphones and cameras were taken away from us and put into little bags.

    I thought to myself, "Oh goody! We are going to get a sneak preview of "The Simpsons" movie!"

    Not so.

    We were led like cattle to another place and whisked away into a suite. (When you are dressed like the "Village People", you have to be "whisked away". And I am sure I heard someone say "Look at them. They must be going to a self-improvement seminar in personal style and fashion!")

    Well, we open the door to the suite and I see pretty men in their thongs serving drinks...hairy butt cheeks and all. Then we have more pretty boys in their cotton whities dancing in the four corners of the room. And let's not forget the one pretty naked boy sitting at the fruit table with fruits and vegetables cover his crotch.

    The things people do for a living...

    And now, I shall pray and ask the good Lord for healing.

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    Mr. Manager said...

    How come I don't get invited to parties like these??? :-(