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    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Usually at this point of a production project, I will show you an image of the final master of an album project I am working on. Unfortunately, I have to photos of the final master. Even though, I've done this a few times already, I still get a thrill whenever I get the final master on CD. (This final master is the CD that goes to the CD duplication factory where thousands of copies are made and then packed and shipped to stores and your simple job here is take a copy of that CD in exchange for your money.)

    Anyway. Back to that thrill. I still get a kick out of it because this piece of plastic represents thousands of hours of work. I think, I stress out, I have sleepless nights, and basically work hard to create little pieces of music on a computer. And then the music gets ripped and goes on the Internet. Some guy downloads it and listen to the first five seconds and then makes some unnecessary comment about the music. Makes me wonder why I even bother.

    Having said that, I think this is the last full album I want to produce. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful that I get full albums to produce. And usually get to do what I want. But given my nature, it's too stressful for me to be the only person bearing the weight of the success (or otherwise) of the album.

    I just had a look at the CD artwork for Diddy's album. Looks great. Sounds great. (I only heard the final mastered versions at Nick Lee's but didn't get a chance to pick up the final master. Hence, no photos.) It's the most complicated project I've ever been involved with, given the number of musicians and sessions (including over-the-Internet international sessions) required. That's all I can say for now. I think there is a gag order and I can be sued by the label manager for saying too much.

    And now that the album is done, I am focusing on finishing this other dragged-out-for-months album for Faizal Tahir (which without a doubt, is the most creative singer/songwriter I've ever worked with and so far, the only writer I can connect and co-write with.) Totally different style of music which in itself is a challenge for me to switch between being ghetto and being rock, and sometimes in between, I am Hannah Montana.

    So after Faizal's album, no more full albums for me!

    I now sleep three hours a day. I am desperately trying to go to bed early instead of the past 5a.m. I am clocking in for the past four months. I eat poorly. I am hardly ever at home. I am tired all the time. I forget easily. I haven't been exercise or doing my manly yoga. I don't watch TV anymore. I just found bread in my fridge that expired in March 07. I haven't been back to my mother's in Melaka since Chinese New Year. And I am quite sure that Smurfs are living in that giant mushroom I have outside the balcony. And for the love of all things sacred and pure, I am collecting hair in my bathroom's drain hole and I have an art piece made with chewed gum!

    This is what full album productions will do to you!

    Incidentally, Diddy's CD drops 25 September 2007.


    Mr. Manager said...

    I feel your pain.

    Nazrah said...

    good luck finding audi back!