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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Since I am on a roll on making new friends, let me piss comment a little on the over-glorified space program that we have going on.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not against sending space exploration. My favourite movie is Star Wars. But as Malaysians, should that be our priority right now? We did not get to space on our own merit. The government essentially bought a ticket at USD26million. You can probably read other blogs on how that money could have been better spent. Screw cancer research or other healthcare or education concerns. Just fix that pothole on the ramp off the federal highway going in to Jalan Gasing.

    Since being consistent is our thing, we have some minister tell the world that we are going to make roti canai and teh tarik in space. (Consistently stupid.) So not only do we look that we are literally taken for a ride by the Russian, we are also now stupid. And you know people around the world are snickering behind our backs while praising to our faces. (And in other totally unrelated news, Singaporeans have been reported to be laughing more often.)

    Thankfully though, our astronaut...SORRY, angkasawan left his tea dust, condensed milk and loin cloth behind.

    Fyodor Yurchikin: Ack! What is that smell?
    Oleg Kotov: It's the ghee in the roti canai.

    Conclusion. Roti canai is still unhealthy in space. (Thank God for subtitles!)

    In place of the roti canai, our astro-dude and will be bringing up some satay.

    Sheikh Muzzaphar: Here. Have some satay to celebrate the end of the fasting month.
    Fyodor Yurchikin: Yum! Meat on sticks.

    Three minutes later.

    Fyodor Yurchikin: Oh no. Your satay makes me want to take a shit.
    Sheikh Muzzaphar: If you are going to do that, please open the window a bit. Let the air circulate.

    And also some liver samples and other germs for experiments relating to liver cancer, leukemia cells and microbes to benefit medical research. Wait....haven't the Americans already done this in the 70s?

    But seriously, the reason why I think our space program is total bullshit is because we have no legacy in space. Space is not our thing. This is probably a one-off thing. What's next after this? We will build our own spacecraft? Send a man to the moon by 2020? How? Buy another ticket? We haven't even figured out Please child!

    If the government really want to spend money on fluffy dreams, at least do it right. Put it in nuclear energy research or some other form of renewable energy.

    Anyway, it is always fun to criticise and take jabs at the government. People tend to agree and I get supportive comments. But in the end, it doesn't really matter.

    This is false pride. It's right up there with the world-tallest flagpole.

    Fyodor Yurchikin: пребывание из пути!
    Sheikh Muzzaphar: Sorry boss.


    Angelia said...

    It's just smokescreen stuff. Look, look, we have an angkasawan! Such a poster boy!

    ignoring the crap in the judiciary, the AG report, the corruption that goes unchecked, among other things.

    sigh I dunno if the rakyat themselves are such sheep or blur or katak di bawah tempurung. ITs very depressing.

    Rainman said...

    LOL!!...I just read this post.
    Amen to that man!!