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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    One thing they don't tell you when you get a Mac is that you should allocate an additional 20% of your Mac budget for accessories. The first thing you'd notice about anything Apple is that these things are not designed with practicality in mind. You sneeze too hard and you might just scratch something on the Mac. Or the iPod.

    Then there's the white (!) power supply and the white power cord.

    Q: Why is the power cord and power supply for Apple computers white?
    A: So they'd get dirty-looking faster. And since they are likely to be on the floor, you can enjoy little stress-attacks whenever someone walks by and accidentally steps on it while you pretend to act cool as if it doesn't matter.

    Having said that, it's still one beautiful chunk of fragile technology. As the saying goes, "Once you go Mac, you can't.....stop rhyming."

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    It has finally happened. Almost reluctantly.

    I got myself a Mac.

    And I have Microsoft to thank for this. Despite the fantastic hardware I have, I just cannot deal with the pain that is Windows Vista. Having been a long-time fan of Windows, it is not easy for me to say it. Even as a music person, I've never been hung up on the Mac for music. It's over-priced and whatever you could do on a Mac, you could also do on Windows (albeit not as sexily.) I could live with XP. As stone-age as it was, it didn't piss me off. But with Vista, it was almost as if Microsoft went all out to do exactly just that.

    I can just hear Jini and Justin doing the yelp of joy with this news.

    Watch this space while I become a shameless Apple fanboy and Vista basher. Can't wait.

    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    It has been a fairly calm past two weeks. Thanks to the release of Faizal Tahir's album on 22 November. Only then I realised the weight of that album it had on me. One year in on/off-production and finally it was over. I am very happy with the results and I got me a new good and creative writing buddy in the process.

    But here's the real news that you should write home about. I went out and bought this book: Music Theory for Dummies.

    You'd think that with me being a music composer and producer, I'd know music theory and.....stuff. But no. Sadly. I don't read or write music. That's why I write my own music because I can't read other people's music. Fortunately for me, there is a market for such a thing: Melodic bullshitting Songwriting.

    Anyway, anyone who has heard my recent songs will tell you that I am either bored with pop music or I am going through a phase. I've been recording a lot of bass lately, instead of playing bass parts on the keyboard. Probably has something to do with being lazy. And I've done two or three string sessions and had the pleasure of working with Genervie Kam. This woman is impressive because she has perfect pitch which borders on being sickening. She can listen to a chord and tell you the notes. While this may be standard issue with the "real musicians", I find this very amazing. What would take me ten minutes to figure out, Genervie will do it in three seconds. Sometimes I want to smack her in the face for that. And when I do figure it out, it's usually wrong. Ask Vernon. He has stories on this.

    Having said that, my limitations have also given birth to my creative skills. So I am not complaining.

    But to be more Genervie-like, I got "Music Theory for Dummies."

    If all goes well, on my good days, I will have 0.2% of Genervie's knowledge on music theory on her bad days. Either that or this book will sit pretty on the shelf next to "Guitar for Dummies", and "Songwriting for Dummies".