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    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    It has finally happened. Almost reluctantly.

    I got myself a Mac.

    And I have Microsoft to thank for this. Despite the fantastic hardware I have, I just cannot deal with the pain that is Windows Vista. Having been a long-time fan of Windows, it is not easy for me to say it. Even as a music person, I've never been hung up on the Mac for music. It's over-priced and whatever you could do on a Mac, you could also do on Windows (albeit not as sexily.) I could live with XP. As stone-age as it was, it didn't piss me off. But with Vista, it was almost as if Microsoft went all out to do exactly just that.

    I can just hear Jini and Justin doing the yelp of joy with this news.

    Watch this space while I become a shameless Apple fanboy and Vista basher. Can't wait.

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