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    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    So I went to the Anugerah Juara Lagu thing last night. Parking was a bitch. I spent over 40 mins in the parking lot and finally when I did find a spot, it was about a mile away from the stadium. Not fun when you have your 60-something year old mother with you.

    Anyway, I decided to go because I had wanted to show off my date. I had thought that, like in previous years, the composers and the lyricists would actually be introduced on stage before the song is performed. Unfortunately, this year, that didn't happen. (Who cares what the composers look like right?)

    But if that were to have happened, my date, Dr. Tahir would have gone up on stage in my place, with the lyricist. Yes, Faizal's dad attended. Can you believe it, Faizal was not given tickets. His dad had to ask me if he could go with me. And that was the reason why I decided to go. So you can imagine my disappointment when Dr Tahir didn't get to go up on stage.

    After that, the rest of the evening was pretty much a test of my endurance to stay awake.

    Now, for the record, I am not at all disappointed that "Mahakarya Cinta" did not win. I am very glad that Estranged won with "Itu Kamu." Honestly, I am just always glad whenever a ballad does not win...even if it is my own song. "Itu Kamu" and "Papa Jahat" by The Fabulous Cats were the two songs for me in 2007.

    I was also very impressed with Bob's performance of "Kasih Tercipta." His vocal control was, by far, the best. I look forward to working with him. Mawi was highly entertaining. And sitting in the front row will give you a tan.

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