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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    I actually feel sick last week on Wednesday. I rarely fall sick (which is actually a lie!) and I've not been to a doctor in years. But I feel ill from "that flu/cough/fever bug that has been going around". That seems to be the default response from a person when you tell them you are sick these days. Then they will tell me who else in their office is sick. Let's all then get together and party?

    Anyway, I am feeling better now but let me tell you the impressive output I've had while I was sick. I am not talking about creative works (although I can argue that point to be true), I am talking about phlegm.

    This is the first one out and the first sign of recovery. This little klump of phelgm brought a little joy to my otherwise dull day.

    I apologise for the next picture due to its poor picture quality. I was driving and I coughed. And with the cough, I felt this huge gunk follow through. At that point, I had two options: Either do the China-Ah-Beng thing by rolling the window down and spit OR swallow it. Spitting was not really an option for me for one reason. I am not a good spitter. It might backfire on me and I will get the spit on my car, or worse, a failed spit with phelgm running down my mouth, chin and neck.

    Unfortunately, I went for hidden option three, which is to open my mouth to have a look in the rear view mirror. And when I did that, out it came and it landed on my mouth. Exhibit B:

    Check that that impressive texture and volume! I now look forward to my mornings!


    dJ phuturecybersonique said...

    you oughtta try putting it together with that gum clump of yours. y'know, the phlegm that binds the gum. more reason for people to touch it. *grin*

    ayn5566 said... are sooo totally out of this world!!!.Since the phlegmy thing is already green in envy.....i think u need antibiotic.What will he think of next......?

    Eina said...