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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    I am filing this post under "Potential Lawsuit" because this song isn't officially released yet. But what you have here is not the final actual arrangement of the song. And I am putting this song online because I personally think that this is my best song so far. (Although to be honest, I think it ties with "Aku Punya Kamu" for Faizal Tahir as my best song yet.)

    But I am nervous about this song because it came to a point during the post-production of this song where I went, "Screw it! I am doing this for me. For once." This is not my usual approach of "what-is-best-for-the-singer" and "how-do-I-make-it-a-hit-song."

    This time, I just almost didn't care about that. Can they sing this song live? Is the song too big for relatively new singers? Is it too complex? Is it too much for the local market where the majority are used to sing-along songs with five chords?

    My answer? Who gives a flying fvck!

    And because of that, it has caused me to lose a few nights of sleep. And I am now a bundle of nerves. But I am prepared if this song fails and people say it's a "syok sendiri" song for me.

    So far, NO ONE has said they like the song except the manager of the singer, which may very well be a courtesy compliment. Or maybe the daring of the song makes for good potential entertainment as to what will happen once the fairly conservative music label who paid for this song hears the final version of the song.

    And when I say NO ONE, I mean, NO ONE.

    It's the usual diplomatic "Personally, I like the song BUT I don't think the market will get it."

    That's another way of saying, "I don't want to offend you in case I need songs from you in the future, but this song really sucks ass. I don't know what you are trying to prove. Next."

    So this here is part of the song. It's a duet between Ebi (from Akademi Fantasia) and Nikki.

    You may not be able to tell from this edited version of the song, but it's the story of Romeo and Juliet. I wanted it to be an epic ballad and have it sound almost like a musical. I had two of my favourite lyricists, Ad Samad and Nurfatima to write the parts. Ad wrote Romeo's parts and Nur wrote Juliet's parts.


    Because it has never been done before.

    No. Really. Why Audi?

    OK. I was bored out of my skull. Bored of boring songs. And bored with the ballads we have on radio.

    And that's the story. I may have gone overboard. But I am praying for a breakthrough and hopefully have the captains of the music and media industries say "Wow! We have underestimated our local music market. Let us retire and let new young people take over. Clearly, we don't know what we are doing anymore."

    Anyway, I am not fishing for compliments with this song. So go easy with the comment box unless it is constructive. The only thing you can do for me is to request for this song on the radio, download it and play it repeatedly to everyone you know, and have karaoke sessions with this song.

    I am on a mission.

    Please like this song!


    Cik Puan Muda Stress said...

    Hi Audi.

    I can see (hear?)why this song makes you nervous. On the first run, it sounded a tad ambitious with really nice harmony.


    i listened to it again and found it refreshing. its nothing like the crap they put on radio these days. besides the few moments that it sounded 'indonesian', i soon realized that it was just the way he sings.

    i'm rambling.

    i like it. a lot.

    its theatrical. it brought the chills. i got goosebumps.

    you did a good job and stop second guessing yourself :).


    Angelia said...

    You want honesty? Here goes: I have to admit Im not a local music follower, in particular of local malay music lah.

    They could sound very good together but it's.. not quite there yet. the guitar seems a bit overpowering, in mind it sounds more epic, more celtic, ya know? (I know I know)

    Err.. why is it they have to prove that they can sing like mariah carey with all the trilling and high pitch attempts? Jarring

    it does sound like they r singing seperately, not always together. It is a nice change admittedly the song but with some tweaks, it would be even more awesome :)

    well, I know Im not musica but I have to say I know what I like :) dont care what language lah, u like, u like :)

    you are doing a great job, Audi :) quit stressing so much :) (easy for me to say).

    ok I will run away cos audi will get mad at me now LOL

    Tremologuy said...

    'sup audi..

    Its an interesting song, but like you said its not Malaysian TOP 40. However, this is a marvelous piece of work. It is very challenging to the ears and shows a lot of progressive elements in it. I think a lot of people are going to be impressed with this. It will take some time but a lot of ppl will come round to it.

    I just thought that the vocals were not very suitable and it didn't tell the story. I don't think that you'll need someone with a great range to pull it off; but you definitely need someone with a voice suitable for musicals; A storytelling voice. Both Ebi and Nikki were very good though nevertheless, I would kill to be able to sing like that.

    dJ phuturecybersonique said...

    needs strings, timpanis and belltrees!

    lyana said...

    i like the song. but i'd like it more if nikki and ebi were to sing more 'together'..but i like the song!

    ngeh ngeh ngeh.

    shalyafzan said...

    i'm agree with cik puan muda stress and lyana...enuff said!!hehehe

    Anonymous said...

    I just love this song...dont ask me why..all I know is that i like it very much...and it's very2 refreshing...nothing like what we've been listening to...

    gud job audi....keep the music coming!

    Anonymous said...

    Very nice! Both Ebi and Nikki were very good! Way to go!

    Hsian said...

    Hey Letterman, I like it :), especially the slightly unusual chords

    Anonymous said...

    Love the melody....but honestly... nikki and ebi punye suara tidak berapa ngam la nyanyi duet...

    just my 2 cent comment

    butterbrownie said...

    honestly, this song is too melancholy during my first time listening.however, on the 2nd and third time, i began to hum and finally heard the beauty of this.great ballad ! ;)

    Anonymous said...

    My honest opinion, the song has great melody but the guitar is too much for my taste. Minus the guitars (well not all of it), it sounded typical 'malaysian' again..n i just wish the singers wud sing with their soul instead of trying so hard to 'ngam' with each other. it would have been great!


    Mr. Manager said...


    This is a DEMO. Not the final arrangement. The guitars you hear in the DEMO is simply a DEMO accompaniment.

    The final mix that will be released will have orchestra, choir and everything you'd imagine in a big ballad.

    For now, just listen to the MELODY and ignore the guitars which are temporary for this DEMO only.

    Anonymous said...

    I can't wait to hear the final arrangement. There's something indescribable about this song .

    Putty said...

    So far so good... Good job...

    QUIK! said...

    While I appreciate it's a demo, however I found it's a bit of a mess, vocal wise. Melody is almost there, but it's not an instant hit...can't seem to get the hook at the first listen, or second.

    And 10 POINTS for the whistle! :D

    mia said...

    great melody,great lyrics,great vocals.simply love it!

    Anonymous said...

    I really like Ebi's husky voice, very edgy and it somehow compliments Nikki's smooth vocals, this is a refreshing song, I like it the first time I heard it..good job!

    Anonymous said...

    hi Audi,

    Honestly speaking, I feel that Ebi's voice is not compatible with Nikki for this duet.. i had to hear this song twice, trying hard to like it.. since I have liked your previous composition/songs..but this one..i dunno.. it does not sound right..(perhaps it is not d finished version yet..)

    ps: Nikki's vocal is superb!Thumbs up for that!

    mark said...

    hi audi,i like the combination of both vocals,ebi & nikki.ebi has this indonesian alternative band's voice, husky & sleepy sexy,while nikki has this amazing whistling technique.and odd but very unique it!love it!love it!

    Rem said...

    Wow, I like the song very much. Its simplicity is so capturing. And to me.. you should leave the arrangement just like this (for the actual one). I heard that choir will be added then, no? Hmmm, I can't imagine how crowded it would be. Pesta pontianak mengilai tengah malam...

    But seriously, the vocal performance miserably failed to give the song any justice. Nikki was ok. But Ebi was plain dull. His interpretation did nothing to me. So 'emotionless', so predictable!

    MC David said...

    Mr. Audi Mok,

    The song is genius. The chord progressions were nothing like the usual ballads you hear on radio. As far as achieving something out of the ordinary, you have definitely succeeded.

    I think many might comment on the vocal performance of the singers, but I personally feel that in a song (especially that of a movie soundtrack or musical), there are many other factors apart from just the vocals that are involved. These include stage performance, charisma and the ability to connect with the crowd.

    The success of this song should never be looked at in the shape of this song as a stand alone. I might be being a tad presumptuous here, but I feel that you would have considered the song and its place in an entire musical rather than just a single for radio.

    This is something I truly admire. I wish you well and will have you know that you have my vote.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Anonymous said...

    dari saya yg tak tau langsung about music:

    1-1st time rase suara ebi sedap..mase af dulu mcm sengau saje

    2-1st time dengar mcm rasa nikki whistle over...dengar kali kedua..ok la plak..

    3-lagu ni mcm lagu group duta (yang buat ost tuk dunia baru)...beza mungkin melody lagu ni lebih kemas..yg lagu duta tue..macam terputus putus je..

    overall ok lah bleh hit punye

    melissa said...

    Really nice song... good combination, Nikki and Ebi. Odd but very sweet!!

    Anonymous said...

    Love it! Absolutely love it! no BUTS about it.. i don't find it odd or weird.. and i loooove musicals, the classicals, oldies... the unpopular genre of music (for Malaysians at least).. but i also love the popular genres of pop, ballads, etc (even traditional keroncong)... but im sorry to say that i just can't stand dangdut, techno, and those typical malay-band-music (read: Mawi and the likes.. sorry Mawi fans)

    so from a music lover to a music maker, congratulations dear Audi!

    Anonymous said...

    hi audi

    i imagine listening to this song for the first time while driving........the first thing that i would do is keep on listening coz the intro is catchy enough......and soon after ask myself who sing this song and wait on for the DJ to announce to it.

    My comment may represent a whole lot of malaysians out there who are thirsty for a change......yup this is different and refreshing like mentioned earlier by others.

    The first time listening.......suddenly i realize how much i like Ebi's just enough husky in it for this very indonesian though.......well in his blood after all.

    However....i find a few words like not appropriately chosen in the MENGADAP wajahmu......and........akan DIPERKATA.......