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    Monday, February 18, 2008

    Things I Know Now I Wish I Knew 15 Years Ago

    1. Invest my money in the stock market early. It is ignorance when a person says that the stock market is risky and that I can lose everything. The stock market is the best investment tool for someone in their early 20s given their time horizon. It starts with RM500.

    2. The fundamental challenge with business in Malaysia is that the population is just too small for ideas and concepts from developed market that I read or hear about.

    3. The secret to life is finding that balance between family and work/love and money. Folk songs and movies on the Hallmark channel already tell us this.

    4. There is no quick or easy to legally get rich. It all boils down to hard work and not getting enough sleep. Every time I gave up, or changed jobs, or changed my goals, I was actually looking for an easier way.

    5. 85% of the problems in my relationships are because of me. Not the other person.

    6. The whole concept of “keeping my options open” is a waste of time. See Point 4.

    7. It’s always my fault. There is no one else to blame but myself. At the very least, I have to blame myself for following or trusting someone without cause. I spent the larger part of my 20s blaming others for the way the world turns.
    8. 95% of my pride and confidence is really arrogance.
    9. 98% of the things that I thought mattered, really did not matter after all.
    10. There is a God.

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