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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Suddenly everyone is a political analyst.

    First off...I did not vote. I've never voted because it is just one of those things for me. Being between a rock and a hard place. The devil and the deep blue sea. It's also largely because I never thought voting would really make a difference. (No need for you to go on a rant here telling me how just one vote can make the difference.)

    Anyway, from my political-simpleton view, I think I figured out why the opposition made so much headway in the elections.

    Most Chinese people, have this thing for wanting to vote for the opposition to keep the government in check. We are an unassuming lot and we'd vote to quietly protest, or to give the opposition some hope in order to have a checks-and-balance system in government. We know the opposition will not win, so we might as well vote for them. But this time, enough people actually thought that way and then BLAM! They won.

    I am sure the morning after, once they are sober and wake up to the news that Selangor and Penang are under the opposition, the first thought could have been, "Oh crap! They actually won. What have I done?"

    Or maybe people are just sick and tired of the present government and really want a change.

    For me, it's almost comical because now I am just curious to see what happens next. I am glad for the change. Also, watching Samy Vellu in all his shamelessness is just too entertaining for me.

    I can't wait to see how the opposition are going to bring now petrol prices. (If they can do this without subsidising and without putting the country's finances in the hole, I am sure Anwar Ibrahim can become the president of the U.S. too.) I also want to see the business-friendly implementation of the RM1500-per-month minimum wage for the lower income groups.

    Tell you what. Just bring down petrol prices, and let me address God as "Allah" in church and we will call it even.

    All in all, I am glad for the outcome. As Captain Obvious would say, "Now we wait and see..."


    Anonymous said...

    It would interest you to know that the name 'Allah' was used by Christian Arabs way before Islam came into existence through the Prophet.

    The Muslims do not have a monopoly on the term 'Allah'. Go to any Arabic speaking church in the Middle East and you will hear God being referred to by Christian Arabs as 'Allah'.

    Anonymous said...

    somehow the government think Allah is exclusive to the Islam.