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    Friday, March 07, 2008

    I was at Nick Lee's place. If it were up to me, I'd send ALL my mixes to Nick for mastering. And I encourage others to do the same. I met him through Sharon Paul two/three years ago and I like his tastes and preferences. It's the difference between sounding like an international record versus sounding like well... a local record. And I can give you examples but that would offend the other local "mastering engineers". I have enough people in the music industry hating me as it is.

    Anyway, this is Nick's new place. He was on the second floor and he recently took over the ground floor of this shoplot. (Nick took over @19 Records office/studio after they "moved out.") He kept most of the physical design of the place and now he has this really nice room for a 6' grand piano.

    It's quite a lively room and very warm sounding. The last room I heard with this much reverb was the studio in Synchrosound. But if you're looking for a drier sound which is good for pop, you can't go wrong with Babyboss Studios.

    When I heard the piano, I wish I had recorded a real piano for "Romeo + Juliet". Then I remembered how badly I sucked at piano and the thought went away.

    I desperately tried to let out a fart in that room just to hear what kind of acoustic wonderment I'd be responded with. Sadly, none to be let out. Nick was pleased with that conclusion.

    Next to it is this very nice vocal room. It is very very very quiet. One of the very few "room - within - a - room" recording rooms in town. It is essentially a floating room which means, a bomb could go off outside and you wouldn't hear anything until the roof collapses on your ass. Well, at least this is what Nick tells me. He could be just lying to make be jealous because the room I work in isn't really even a real room.

    I must now try to convince Fuse to put some furniture in our vocal booth now. I always thought it would be cool for the singer to leave their butt print on the couch while they wait for me to Melodyne enhance their vocals.

    And then there's the mastering suite where nice things happen to my otherwise, average good mix. "Romeo + Juliet" was mastered here. As you can see, Nick is taller than I am. Must be difficult for him to buy pants.

    Thus concludes my visit. It is a very nice studio. Very warm and fits well in an issue of MIX magazine. Very much like Fuse, the studio I record and work at. And it's no smoking too.

    If you need a recording studio, a mix engineer, and/or a mastering engineer, I highly recommend Nick Lee. He is also quite a capable producer but most importantly, he will get the job done right. And he also likes turning knobs.


    Sam said...

    'mastering engineers' haha..
    would love to have nick master my stuff one day :-)

    anyway, for some reason, the romeo juliet song reminds me of silverchair's diorama album. don't know why...

    anyway, keep coming up with more crazy stuff! peace

    Anonymous said...


    what's so funny about 'mastering engineers'?

    that's the technical term to describe a sound engineer who specialises in the final process of mastering an album.

    mastering is a process where the final mixes of an album are all leveled out and equalised.

    Sam said...

    yea, i know that.

    its the way, he describes 'mastering' engineers. with '....'.

    because nowadays, (this is what some engineers say) there are many mastering engineers who claim they do mastering. but they do it using a software from their pc without the proper gear to do mastering.

    so most of them would recommend me to send my mixes to nick if i want a properly mastered track.

    as for me, i still send my tracks to this dude, who does mixing and mastering from his home studio and i'm perfectly satisfied with the sound so far.

    but part of me wants to try to send it to nick to master, one day. just to see how it sounds.

    Jimmy said...

    audi... a storeroom is a real room!