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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Nick Lee is mastering Romeo + Juliet today and I will listening to the final master in about 8 hours at Nick's studio. After which, I shall deliver the final master recording to the creative hub and Akademi Fantasia mothership that is Maestro Records.

    I might have some lunch. And while I lunch, I will contemplate on whether I should put the song online without Maestro's knowledge or approval.

    "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

    I am listening to the new Janet Jackson album "Discipline" and I quite like it. I am happy whenever I hear house tracks in pop albums because I've been trying to do house music with Malay pop and the songs have not had mainstream success. I feel people here need to hear the Americans do it before they can accept a Malaysian doing it in pop. Pity.

    "Somethings are just not worth going to jail for."

    Janet still does that whole sex thing with her songs but this time, it sounds freaky because she sounds like Michael Jackson. All a little bit too troubling for me.

    Anyway, back to the mastering. Nick and I are doing something different again at the mastering process. Instead of mastering the final stereo mix like 99.9% of the music made in Malaysia, we will be sending groups of stereo tracks to be mastered individually.

    Maestro Records, start your lawyers' engines.

    And then we will regroup those mastered tracks and rebuild the final track. We are going to break it down into a few groups: Drums, the bass, the guitars, the strings, and the supporting vocals, and the lead vocals.

    I am not sure if this is necessary. It's a lot of work and might be overkill. But it might also sound great. Whatever it is, I am quite sure only three people actually care what I am talking about.

    I hear it is really nice at the Maldives this time of the year.


    David said...

    That sounds like an interesting approach to mastering. I might give it a go the next time I master anything. Nick Lee mastered my album too.. He does a great job!

    surya said...

    can't wait for the final outcome!the demo preview is good.hopefully the real version will be a great hit!

    n.i.s.n.m said...

    i did not like it the first time i heard it.
    but the song kinda grew into me.
    it's one refreshing tune for sure!