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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    This is how cool Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Best New Female Artist, Farah Asyikin is!

    Not only did she contribute to my gum pile, she even touched it to make sure it stuck in order to have structural integrity. So I gave her the honour of linking the two gum towers.

    Yes, I've re-engineered the gum pile from looking like the liquid metal terminator after he gets shot, to it looking like my favourite building: The Petronas Twin Towers.

    Farah completed the skybridge and made the connection between celebrity gum pile #1 and regular people gum pile #2.

    Visual close-ups soon. Mark your calendars!

    (And I had to remind Farah to wash her hands! How can you not love this woman?!!?)

    Then Anugerah Planet Muzik 08 Best New Male Artist Faizal Tahir dropped by and we all played Wii. There is something about seeing two famous people playing Wii. (I think "Wii" is Japanese for "video game that makes you look stupid playing it.")

    The following day, our bodies hurt. I could moan and groan at home but Faizal and Farah actually performed during Anugerah Planet Muzik the day after with aching bodies.

    Me: Your body is going to hurt like hell tomorrow.
    Farah: No la. I feel great. Fresh and healthy.

    48 hours later...

    Farah: I can't feel the right side of my upper body.

    I was hoping the guys from Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Best New Group, Meet Uncle Hussain would show up. Then we'd really have a party.

    Thank you to all you guys who sent nice supportive messages to Faizal and me on our Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2008 nominations. We appreciate it! Thank you to those who say we suck.

    We are already working on new music for Faizal's next album which I hope we can drop later this year. We are both really doing this for Malaysian music and we want to have all Malaysian enjoy the music, not just the Malay-speaking audience. Although it didn't win, Faizal and I are also very proud that his album was the only all-Malaysian-made album nominated for Best Album in the recent APM 2008.

    Now all I need to do is to convince Faizal and Farah to sing a version of "Romeo + Juliet".

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    That little Astro box that you probably have plugged in 24 hours a day, consumes the same amount of power regardless of whether you're watching it or in stand-by mode.

    And even sadder is that a large non-Energy-Star-compliant LCD television uses twice the energy used by cathode-ray-tube old school television. Plasma televisions are even worse.

    Now you know.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    I feel like I am living a Mac advertisement. Anything negative you have heard about Windows Vista has happened to me. It's almost comical. OK. Not really. It is devastating.

    So now, I live the next part of the Mac ad. I downgrade to Windows XP.

    The moral of the story here is that Windows Vista is the work of the devil. Do not buy it. If you buy a PC with Vista pre-installed, ask for Windows XP instead. Otherwise, do NOT buy from this vendor.

    I have much more hate for Vista than what I am able to write here simply because I am too beaten and tired.

    I never thought I'd actually yearn for Windows XP. But it doesn't take away the fact that I hate Microsoft and wish I could burn their office down. I will never pay for a Microsoft product again.

    The "Wow" starts now.

    Yes. But it's more like "Wow! I can't believe that I just paid for this piece of crap!"

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Here's something that will make you look at your co-worker across your cubicle and have you go, "Hey guess what? The Titanic sank on this day in 1912!" And then your co-worker will think you are really cool or a total dork.

    The RMS Titanic with over 1500 people (with one guy who looked like Leonardo Dicaprio) sank on April 15 in 1912. The ship, then considered "practically unsinkable" by its makers, did indeed sink. As we bow our heads in silence and ponder on a Titanic movie night tonight, let's remind ourselves and the Barisan Nasional that one should not be arrogant. While "God Himself could not sink the ship", an iceberg did.

    (Although I am sure God put anwarberg there himself.)

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    I am starting to sound like Jeff Ooi. Check out this headline in the April 11 copy of the New Straits Times: Aspiring candidates must have blogs.

    "Candidates wanting to contest for any posts in Umno Youth in the coming party elections will have to set up their own websites or blogs."

    Yet another reason to believe that they are handing out stupid pills in the board room.

    I got this call about a month ago from an old friend. He wants me to meet with this MCA guy who is looking to get online and was asking if I'd be interested in maintaining a website or a blog for him. I can write what I want but he will give me the topic. And of course, it has to be pro-government. They have a huge budget for it.

    Only one word comes to mind: WOW!

    Wow! because I can't get over how some people just don't get it.

    And then I read that NST news story. I now wonder how is this really going to help UMNO or MCA. If anything, it will only show how out of touch they are which will give more credibility to the Opposition. Case in point is the Malaccan Chief Minister's blog. I'd give my left nut if he actually maintains the blog. I bet he still gets his secretary to print his email.

    OK. I'm over it.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    There must be this out-of-control circulation of stupid-pills going on in the ruling government when it comes to dealing with the Opposition.

    From the April 9 issue of the News Straits Times, "Azalina: Decision Not Political":

    "She said the move had been made for technical, not political, reasons but it had been misunderstood by many people.

    "It's our prerogative to cancel the MOUs, and we did the same when Kelantan fell to PAS years ago.""

    Now will someone explain to me how that is NOT political?

    This is one sure fire way to get voted out in the next election. Well done. Don't try to hard now!

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    I have come to the painful conclusion that Windows Vista is not ready for professional music production yet. Especially if your setup includes dedicated audio hardware.

    Just know that whenever you hear my songs, I have unnecessarily and prematurely accelerated my aging for you because I made music on a Windows Vista PC. I am now a different man.

    Apple Malaysia...I am open for endorsement deals anytime now.
    It's the following day and I just only finished moving the few last gigabytes. And I woke up at 8 am for that. And as at 10.42am on April 9, 2008, I now pry the "old" PC open to remove my audio processing cards to move to my new Intel Quadcore PC with 1.5terabyte of diskspace and 4GB of RAM. I shall pray now.

    And in other news......this logo.'s too easy.

    Back to praying and installing.

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    Let me tell you what a fun day I've had today.

    I have finally taken the plunge with Windows Vista for my production computer. It pains me a great deal to say it because I have become a Mac fanboy. I am consoling myself by constantly reminding myself that this is a transition because I have invested so much in Windows-only software. And in two years or less, I will migrate to Mac and I am now carefully using software that has Mac versions. (But I have to remind myself quietly because I do not want to offend the Windows PC or else it will hang on me.)

    Anyway, I've spent the last eight hours transferring my files over to the new PC over a network. By far, this is the second most excruciatingly boring thing to do with a computer. (The first being moving large files from one computer to another using a 1GB thumbdrive.) I had to move over 350GB of data!

    And then let me tell you about Windows Vista and what a piece of work this thing is.

    Two words: NOTHING WORKS!

    OK. I am being overly dramatic. It's just too easy to hate Windows and "NOTHING WORKS" has a nice ring to it.

    It was close to "NOTHING WORKS". Setting up the network in itself was a minor production.

    And after this, I will pray to dear God and seek divine assistance in removing hardware from the old PC and reinstalling them to the new one.

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    In the April 5 issue of The Star, in the Bizweek section, there's an interview with Celcom CEO, Datuk Seri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly.

    "By 2010, Shazalli aims for Celcom to be a strong No. 2 among it's competitors by keeping the eye on the ball." this guy an overachiever or what?

    Friday, April 04, 2008

    Someone I know sent me this link a few days ago. I usually ignore links to YouTube with messages that say that I have to watch the videos. After all, how many times can you see a man get kicked in the crotch?

    For some reason, I clicked on the link and watched the video. I suggest you watch it, take a moment and then come back and continue reading. Take your time. I can wait.

    I watched this video about two days ago. And it has bothered me. Enough to not let it go until I blog about it.

    Mr. Anjum Chaudri clearly has his own interpretation of Islam. Differs greatly from mine. As far as I am concerned, this guy is just misguided. But I don't blame him and I don't really have beef with him. He can go bomb a children's hospital and call it population control. I couldn't stop him even if I wanted to.

    I do have beef with the BBC and the guy who sent me the link though. Because I think that's where the problem is.

    There are Anjum Chaudris in every country, in every race, and in every religion. Some call them "extremists." Some call them "holy warriors." I call him "dude who needs more colour in his wardrobe." That Osama-bin-Laden-ZZ Top-earth-tone look is so last season.

    And the last thing you should do with these people is to not give them a platform to air their views without have a counter opinion from someone of the same background. Otherwise what purpose does it serve other than to show some redneck that this guy represents Islam and all "Islams must die because they are violent terrorists?" Or to encourage other misguided Muslims that this is the way of Islam?

    Talking to this guy and hoping to get a real view of Islam is like talking to Paris Hilton hoping to get a down-to-earth view of Americana. Or talking to Michael Jackson and asking him what a normal childhood is like. Or speaking to our Prime Minister and hoping to get tips on leadership.

    On top of that, the host was clearly egging him on. I see no other reason for this action except for the host to show that this is the state of Islam. (Maybe I am seeing this out of context. Perhaps this three-minute interview was the blooper reel of a six-hour "Islam is Peace" musical-docu-drama-comedy.)

    No wonder the radical Muslims hate the Western world. As if George W. Bush isn't doing enough already.

    Then there's the person who sent me the link. His intent was probably the same as the host. (It's now ironic that I am also indirectly promoting video. But I have all these words though...)

    So before you forward another link or video clip showing how stupid or unbelievable a particular race or religion is, ask yourself,


    Now I don't want to come off sounding like this Islam-kiss-ass or come off trying to be politically-correct. It just makes common sense to me. So don't be a jerk.

    Go call your mother now. She misses you.

    (If this blog isn't updated in three days, it probably means I am in jail for that wisecrack on the Prime Minister.)

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008

    It seems that "Romeo + Juliet" is dead. The radio stations have been given the song but no one is playing it probably because these Gods that work in radio stations think it's not the kind of song people would want to listen to. Life goes on.

    On a lighter note, I'm sure you've seen or heard or read about these socks.
    And maybe you or your girlfriend thought it was cute.

    Girlfriend: Look honey....little gloves for your feet. You'd look so cute in them. You should get them.
    Guy: Sure honey. Anything to make me look cute.

    Or if you went shopping by yourself and saw these socks on the shelves. And you're pondering...

    You: Those look really comfortable. I should get this for my BF.

    Well, let me tell you right now. Just step away from them socks, turn around and walk away.

    They are neither cute nor comfortable. There's only one way to wear them. There's a left sock and a right sock. You will also spend 1000% more time and effort to put them on. Add an additional 250% on time and effort if you have fvckedup toes like mine. And to top it off, you promote segregation within the foot by keeping the toes apart. Toes are made to mingle dammit!

    (These socks are comfortable in a restrictive kind of way.)