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    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    I am starting to sound like Jeff Ooi. Check out this headline in the April 11 copy of the New Straits Times: Aspiring candidates must have blogs.

    "Candidates wanting to contest for any posts in Umno Youth in the coming party elections will have to set up their own websites or blogs."

    Yet another reason to believe that they are handing out stupid pills in the board room.

    I got this call about a month ago from an old friend. He wants me to meet with this MCA guy who is looking to get online and was asking if I'd be interested in maintaining a website or a blog for him. I can write what I want but he will give me the topic. And of course, it has to be pro-government. They have a huge budget for it.

    Only one word comes to mind: WOW!

    Wow! because I can't get over how some people just don't get it.

    And then I read that NST news story. I now wonder how is this really going to help UMNO or MCA. If anything, it will only show how out of touch they are which will give more credibility to the Opposition. Case in point is the Malaccan Chief Minister's blog. I'd give my left nut if he actually maintains the blog. I bet he still gets his secretary to print his email.

    OK. I'm over it.

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