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    Wednesday, April 02, 2008

    It seems that "Romeo + Juliet" is dead. The radio stations have been given the song but no one is playing it probably because these Gods that work in radio stations think it's not the kind of song people would want to listen to. Life goes on.

    On a lighter note, I'm sure you've seen or heard or read about these socks.
    And maybe you or your girlfriend thought it was cute.

    Girlfriend: Look honey....little gloves for your feet. You'd look so cute in them. You should get them.
    Guy: Sure honey. Anything to make me look cute.

    Or if you went shopping by yourself and saw these socks on the shelves. And you're pondering...

    You: Those look really comfortable. I should get this for my BF.

    Well, let me tell you right now. Just step away from them socks, turn around and walk away.

    They are neither cute nor comfortable. There's only one way to wear them. There's a left sock and a right sock. You will also spend 1000% more time and effort to put them on. Add an additional 250% on time and effort if you have fvckedup toes like mine. And to top it off, you promote segregation within the foot by keeping the toes apart. Toes are made to mingle dammit!

    (These socks are comfortable in a restrictive kind of way.)


    lyana said...

    But I love those socks! mine's multicoloured!

    Azlan said...

    actually i have a pair at home but dont tell anyone!

    along said...

    i heart d romeo + juliet very much, audi.

    doofus radio stations!