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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    This is how cool Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Best New Female Artist, Farah Asyikin is!

    Not only did she contribute to my gum pile, she even touched it to make sure it stuck in order to have structural integrity. So I gave her the honour of linking the two gum towers.

    Yes, I've re-engineered the gum pile from looking like the liquid metal terminator after he gets shot, to it looking like my favourite building: The Petronas Twin Towers.

    Farah completed the skybridge and made the connection between celebrity gum pile #1 and regular people gum pile #2.

    Visual close-ups soon. Mark your calendars!

    (And I had to remind Farah to wash her hands! How can you not love this woman?!!?)

    Then Anugerah Planet Muzik 08 Best New Male Artist Faizal Tahir dropped by and we all played Wii. There is something about seeing two famous people playing Wii. (I think "Wii" is Japanese for "video game that makes you look stupid playing it.")

    The following day, our bodies hurt. I could moan and groan at home but Faizal and Farah actually performed during Anugerah Planet Muzik the day after with aching bodies.

    Me: Your body is going to hurt like hell tomorrow.
    Farah: No la. I feel great. Fresh and healthy.

    48 hours later...

    Farah: I can't feel the right side of my upper body.

    I was hoping the guys from Anugerah Planet Muzik 2008 Best New Group, Meet Uncle Hussain would show up. Then we'd really have a party.

    Thank you to all you guys who sent nice supportive messages to Faizal and me on our Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2008 nominations. We appreciate it! Thank you to those who say we suck.

    We are already working on new music for Faizal's next album which I hope we can drop later this year. We are both really doing this for Malaysian music and we want to have all Malaysian enjoy the music, not just the Malay-speaking audience. Although it didn't win, Faizal and I are also very proud that his album was the only all-Malaysian-made album nominated for Best Album in the recent APM 2008.

    Now all I need to do is to convince Faizal and Farah to sing a version of "Romeo + Juliet".


    Eng said...

    Congrats to Farah for the win!she seems really humble. Audi, are you working on her 2nd album (if any)? Does she have a blog?

    fa said...

    audi... nice shots! LOL! cant wait to get started with u on next project.

    hi eng! u can take a closer look of the real me here:

    God bless :)