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    Monday, June 23, 2008

    I am almost done with my life maintenance which involves running scandsk and defrag on my living and work space.

    (That, by the way, was my attempt at old-school geek humour.

    Scandsk is a Microsoft DOS and Windows command that will check the disk for errors, clear out old system files that may have been left behind whenever Windows crashes. Basically, it will clear out crap and lighten the baggage. Defrag will reorganise how your data is stored on the disk so that it will reduce access time and make things more efficient.)


    I've sorted out the four things I'd set out to do.

    1. I've cleared out my work space at the studio and I'm left with just what I need.
    2. I've sorted out the room in my apartment which was previously my home studio and home office. It's now a guest room.
    3. I've cleared out the storage room which was essentially a really huge garbage dump for me to put my crap which I didn't want to throw out because I figured I'd need it some day.
    4. I've re-organised my personal processes for handling the stuff I get day-to-day.

    Do I know how to party or what?

    1 comment:

    dJ phuturecybersonique said...

    you didn't clear out your germfest... errr... gumpile while you were clearing out your studio right, dude?