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    Monday, June 16, 2008

    In the spirit of simplifying my music, I've decided to simplify my life too. (Actually, I think it has been the other way round.)

    I've been taking inventory of my life this past year. I got bored one day and started questioning my purpose in life....blah blah blah. For a moment there, I thought I was going through a mid-life crisis. But if a mid-life crisis is suddenly getting an idea of what life is about, then I am going through a mid-life crisis.

    Instead of getting a Porsche and dating supermodels, I figured I'd make myself useful and become a responsible earthling. In other words, I decided to become the most boring person in the world. (Which isn't really a stretch for me!)

    Since early in the year, I've started throwing and clearing stuff out of my apartment. Cleared out some personal baggage. Simplified just about everything in including my wardrobe, my workflow, even the software I use. And I "upgraded" from my DUAL 19" LCD's to a SINGLE LCD now. I even got a Mac. And also got rid of some fat from my personal system as well.

    Then something interesting happens...


    Ratu Syura said...

    I think I should start throwing away some of my stuff to. I tend to get attached to everything and claim them to be of some sentimental value. urgh. thanks for the idea.. ;)

    a.mok said...

    just imagine you're packing to move house. would you take it with you or throw it out? if you do decide to take it with you, will you decide to throw it out because suddenly you realise the "old" doesn't have place in the "new"? chances are, you'd throw it out. so throw it out...or sell it or give it away. but of course, dont go buying something new to replace what you got threw out.