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    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    It usually takes three minutes right after my production has been finalised (at mastering) for me to not want to listen to the song again. Not because I do not like the singer or the song, but usually because I start hearing imperfections in the production or mix and I can't do anything about it. I tweak and fix my productions until the very last minute when I am told by the record label that they cannot wait anymore.

    I figured that it's normal since I improve with each project, my previous works will only sound bad because I think I can do better.

    Anyway, I've been, surprisingly enjoying Faizal Tahir's album months after it was released. Shocking for me. But both Faizal and I realise that we are still in our "syok sendiri" phase. Then two days ago, I found two early mixes of "Cuba" and "Sampai Syurga" which I've posted on imeem and is on the music player above.

    These tracks were quick mixes done right after recording back in September 1997. It's the demo music done on keyboards and drum machines. The vocals are still very raw; unedited not tuned or "perfected" like I'd normally spend hours doing.

    Then the realisation. I overproduced the album tracks. And now I can't, and am almost embarrassed to listen to the album. I am not saying that these early mixes should have been on the album. Just imagine the production and arrangement bumped up 30% instead of 300%.

    Don't get me wrong. I still love the album. It's still the best combination of song/singer/producer for me. And I love the guy! I was wondering when I'd get to the point when I can't listen to it anymore.

    (Thanks, but I am not fishing for compliments or validation that the album is this great. :-)

    Anyway, the moral of the story here is I should stop with the tweaks and leave things alone.

    Here's the irony. I told Faizal after the AIM win that the next album will sound so good that it will make the first one sound bad.

    I guess it didn't need the next album for that.


    Deeb said...

    Audi, is it true you suddenly cry in the middle of the studio recording of "Sampai Syurga"?

    azyze gomez said...


    don't you mean September 2007?
    Coz back in 1997, he didn't even have that nasyid gig ;)

    waNny said...

    audi .. i LOVE CUBA :) got his album already (as soon as it hits the market) never stop playing his album in my car .. :)