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    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    I somewhat complicated my life today by recording horns today. I had Eddie Wan on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Shazzy on saxophone. Unfortunately, I forgot to call the trombone player which I will overdub later this week.

    Also, I learned something new today: The trumpet is an incredibly loud instrument.

    I realise that it is stating the obvious but you cannot appreciate how loud it is until you have a trumpet in your face.

    But more importantly, it reminded me that there are more to live instruments than just guitars and violins; which are the staple real instruments recorded in local pop music. Which is strange because we have so many different types of instruments in the world, and there's the added bonus of Asian instruments. Yet, most of these instruments and sounds are largely untapped in local pop.

    Speaking of pop. I wonder if it would be cool if I rounded up a few young fresh tarts, groom them to be a girl-band and named them "Pop Tarts"?

    In other news, a candle burnt out my salt lamp in my bedroom. Now there's this smell of burnt salt lamp which can only be described as the smell of evil that is hanging out in my bedroom.

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