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    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    We just completed Farah Asyikin's new track. It's called "Hello".

    Farah wrote the words. Very brilliant lyrics. This was a really fun song to do. I hope you like it. Please request for it on radio. I am also going to make it available as a download soon.

    Check it out here.

    ADDENDUM: In response to the first comment: Please don't get me wrong. I love real instruments...but only if a really good musician plays it. My earlier posts I said real instruments will not help a bad song and it really means just that. It won't help a bad song or bad arrangement sound better. If it's a good song or a good arrangement, having real instruments WHEN IT'S CALLED FOR, will make it sound even better.

    In fact, I always try to have one other musician play, preferably a non-keyboard-based instrument; not just because of the sound of a real instruments, but more for the feel and personality of another musician.

    For Hello, lo and behold, there are real guitar parts! Wait! There's more. There is real bass too. Jamie Wilson played electric guitar and Kelly played bass. Although I do have a synth bass playing with the real bass. I will take it as a compliment that the guitar parts do not sound like usual guitar parts because I was going all out to make it sound different. I thought it would have been boring to have usual rock guitar parts.


    kyosh said...

    You mentioned once that you don't believe that using real instruments would make a difference to a shite composition. I agree, totally. But this lovely track would have been taken to the next level with real guitars.

    kyosh said...

    Got me fooled there with the guitar :)

    As I mentioned, I agree with you about the role and limitations of instruments, real or synthesized. I must add, though, that I still feel there is a missing warm, human element to this rocking, upbeat song (one of your most fun, I must say). But that's just silly, old non-musician me.

    I'm sure (and hope) the majority of the record-buying public will think otherwise.

    PS Don't forget to check out a challenge I posed for you in the Dayang Nurfaizah "3" remix message board!

    Eng said...

    Can't wait for her new album :)