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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    We usually have fruits in some form at the studio's dining table and I usually do not pay as much attention as I would have say, it were McNuggets or some other form of deep fried mystery meat.

    But today I had a banana!

    And was one tasty delicious frequently-dismissed-and-under-rated banana.

    If the last time you had a banana was with a side of ice-cream or if it were deep-fried, I highly recommend that you have a banana on its own; just like in the days of yore and the way God intended it to be eaten. You will thank me for bringing back the banana back into your life.

    Welcome back into my life banana! I will forever cherish you and not take you for granted again.

    p.s. And thanks for the potassium too.

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    lyana said...

    yay for banana!