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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Oh yes I was mortified but at the same time, I felt great relief that I could let it out. So yes, it's all true. Nikki and I are engaged. Thank you for all your kind and supportive comments. I will give more details later.

    Moving on.

    I really want to talk about the new track you hear on the playlist. It's called "Sudah".

    I've been working on this concept for ballads for a few years now but somehow, it has not been a hit. I first tried it with Vince and Nur on Vince's debut album back in 2004. Then again with "Romeo + Juliet" with Ebi and Nikki. And a few other times in between.

    I prefer conversational duets rather than two singers exchanging lines. For me, a duet has to work when two people sing it and it won't work when you only have one singer. It's like two people doing a monologue. It doesn't make sense for me.

    This is another attempt.

    This is yet another try to use the erhu as the leading instrument. I've used it twice before; for Vince and Farah Asyikin. But the songs were not released as singles. Because I enjoy the challenge by shocking people more, I added the guzheng as well.

    Whatever the outcome, I am really proud of this song and I consider this one of my best songs.

    Diddy and Nur performs superbly. They also wrote the lyrics together. It was an easy session. Everyone just got what I was going for. Recording the erhu and guzheng was a challenge because of the language but man....those instruments are beautiful. Instant class and elegance.

    If you like me, get the ringback tone.

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    Eng said...

    Many congratulations anyway :)

    Yes, nicer when the pair is having a dialogue or conversation but with music LOL. i think the song's great. Hope it'll be in Nur's longtime coming album :) btw, will Romeo + Juliet ever be released?

    Didn't u use erhu in Suki's "Tak Sama" too? dig that song.

    dJ phuturecybersonique said...

    heartiest congratulations on the release of the single and the impending end of your singledom! you guys are gonna make it good.

    Cuddly Family said...

    congrats Audi :) Follow your blog regularly although I haven't seen you for eons! :)

    Lia and don.

    ueki said...

    maybe u can do a duet for farah asyikin n faizal tahir..idk...btw,i think sudah is a nice song...