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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    "Thank you" to those of you who sent congratulatory SMS messages. I truly appreciate the thoughts even if I did not reply to all of them.

    After the show, those on stage were taken away by TV3 people into a room for a press conference. And after the press conference, my co-writer, Izham said that it was the most I've ever said to the media, which is the opposite of what I am usually like when the spotlight is on me.

    Why? Because "Lagu Untukmu" won the Best Song award!

    Nevermind that I have a history with, and an interest in Meet Uncle Hussain.

    But this is what I told the press when they wanted a comment from me.

    Yes, I did think that "Sampai Syurga" was going to win given the momentum Faizal Tahir had generated from his Best Performance and Best Vocals wins. But when the results were announced, I was indifferent.

    But why I wanted "Lagu Untukmu" to win was because it's a really good song. It's one of the very very few songs out there which I can proudly say it's the sound of Malaysian music today. More importantly, it's a fast song. Not a ballad.

    Estranged's "Itu Kamu" won last year. While I love Estranged's music, I thought "Itu Kamu" was Indonesian-influenced. I remember the producer asking in jest during a rough mix preview: "Which Indonesian band do you think this is?"

    But "Lagu Untukmu" is one option for the Malaysian sound. And for me, it's already making the "Indonesian sound" sound old.

    If "Sampai Syurga" had won, I'd be happy to take the money, but I feel that I would have lost more on a larger scale. It would have sent the horrible message that ballads are still the way to go. And I'd get calls to do more ballads. Then eventually I'd kill myself out of boredom.

    Now, "Lagu Untukmu" has given me hope that change is happening. These are indeed wonderful times.


    lila said...

    Agree with you on Lagu untukmu. It will also encourage other bands to try out their creative songs and not stick to the same old ballad formula. No doubt Sampai Syurga was very good (my personal fav) but it was good for the industry that it did not win the AJL.

    Saw you jigging on stage. Kudos to you Audi!!

    Sally said...

    congrats audi!!

    Azlan Abu Hassan said...

    I'm already out of job but congrats anyway lol!