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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    One of my major pet peeves is this awful sight we frequently see after at fast food restaurants. It's the mess we leave behind. Personally, I think it's shameful to walk away from your table with your mess left behind at a self-serve restaurant. It's right up there with not flushing after you take a crap.

    Let me introduce civic conscious through something I call "trash compacting." This is important so that the trash takes less space in the garbage bin.

    Start by laying out all paper or plastic food wrappers, napkins etc. Crushed trash takes up more space.

    Place trash that cannot be laid out flat (such as the empty bag of potato chips in the example below), in the middle of the laid out paper trash.

    While holding the inner trash (empty chips bag), fold the bottom of the paper inward. See example below.
    Now fold in the left and right sides of the paper. See example below.

    After you have folded the sides, start folding the "core" of the trash forward while making sure it's compact and as tightly-spaced as possible.

    If you do it right, you will find an opening at the end where you can neatly insert the flap. See example below.
    Take pleasure in tucking in the flap. See example below.

    And if the people at the other tables haven't beaten you up yet, you should have a neat little package. See example below.

    If you have an empty cup, you may insert your handy work into the cup before you throw it away in the trash.
    Please take care of your own trash since we are not animals.


    Eng said...

    Hahaha, accompanied by step-by-step photos! great idea

    yeah, i always wonder why people will clear their table n trays when holidaying overseas but don't do the same in Msia!

    Nazrah Leopolis said...

    hey!!! sama la kita!

    Mr. Manager said...

    Remember Malaywood?

    You should read this. I mean, really. You'll be pleasantly surprised :-)

    fadzree said...

    good idea... i will follow that...

    ~Puteri-Nuur~ said...

    good idea, definately will follow that :D hope more malaysians are like you!