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    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    I thought this was peculiar. The Star, both dated 25 March 2009. Same front page. Back sports page, same photo, same everything else but different stories.


    Anonymous said...

    The Problem is not with Nikki or Nubhan. The Problem is with Vern. Tak Buat Cukup kerja2 PR. Dok sebok ngan Makan2 Sebok Ngan AF dia. Sebok Nak promote Diri sendir. Sebok nak kata diri sendiri Talented Musician.

    As their Manager u should do all the PR work, Bulding Realationship with the industry.

    Wake up ! It is all about Marketing Communication. Good product but u dont communicate it well. It is about Perception.

    Pathetic u. Jangan Salahkan orang lain tengok diri sendiri. asek gila glamer jer.


    Dior (Shahril Shaari) said...

    wah...hvnt seen like this kind of kembar siam paper.thnx 4 d 1st time visiting ur blog...