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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    We knew from the start that it's not going to be easy to follow his debut album. Everyone would expect probably another "Sampai Syurga" or "Cuba". If we did that, they'd say we have run out of ideas. If we did something different, they'd say "Sampai Syurga" was better. Then there would be the haters who just love to hate Faizal Tahir just because.

    Faizal and I wrote "Bencinta" as a performance song. We were very influenced by the music of Muse and U2. Neither one of us really listen to any Indonesian or local bands. But Muse? U2? Keane? We like.

    The chorus is not as melodic as you'd expect it to be. It's not something you'd be humming immediately after hearing it once. But that wasn't my objective with this song. The challenge for me was to make the listener want to listen to the song again and again. It's one of those melodies where you'd want to learn it and once you get it, you will feel cool. Like that "I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the Slim Shady...." chorus.

    And my thrill is that I get to play with my synth and make rude sounds. This album is going to be more personal. We are probably going to play all the instruments and write all the song together in the room at the same time. We got a Marshall stack in the studio which means I will be deaf by May or June.

    So this is where we are going. I am a little nervous and excited. I hope it works.

    I am glad for the positive and nice feedback we've been getting. Thank you.


    Ikram said...


    how about sucinta ke?

    gecinta? (geli cinta)

    ha ha audi its ikram. Izam's lil brother. It's great to see where you are right now. I remember meeting you for the first time during the innuendo remix days wayyyyy back when. ha ha :D

    izam had to give you the chords for a song right? :D he he

    keep up the good work yo

    lila said...

    When i heard bencinta first time, the U2 influence was quite obvious. how's the album coming along? am hoping for the best!

    r4v3 said...

    This is such a syi0k song, whisky tune. Congrats!


    Hans said...

    best! (baru tengok kat ABP td) ;)

    LeRissa said...

    If you and Faizal really did write Bencinta, you guys are god-awesomely true musicians!! (..or something like that.)
    Can't wait for more!

    Anonymous said...

    i listen to the song again and again. :D