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    Friday, April 24, 2009

    I'm excited because I am going back to Melaka this weekend. So if you want to rob my place, this weekend would be a good time. Just try not to break anything and feed the dog before you leave.

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    I had an interesting early day yesterday (Saturday). I was at Stadium Bukit Jalil and I got down to the track and field. It was quite a perspective.
    I was there as a volunteer for Maya Karin's "Maya Loves Nature" event. It's something Maya came up with as a way to get her environmental messages across. And she is starting with schools. She had three schools to get their students to collect plastic bags. That's how these huge plastic balls came about.

    Then for the photo op, we had Maya sit on the balls.

    Anyway, it was a very good reminder for me. I am no fanatic but I have always been more sensitive to the environment and my impact on the planet. But in the past year, I notice myself pushing and challenging myself to do more. I try to fart less now.

    And now I have this thing against plastic bottles. I try to not buy bottled drinking water. Did you know it takes more water to recycle or manufacture the plastic bottle than the drinking water itself? And more of the time, we just throw the empty bottle away. That bugs me now. And what bugs me even more is that my favourite Gatorade comes in plastic bottles and that's the only way I can get it. Sigh.

    I am now getting a rash from all this hippie talk.

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    I say this with the highest respect and love to female-kind. I believe I speak on behalf of most men when I say to women: Please have your parking card and money ready BEFORE you get to the Auto-Pay machine because we do not need to witness the illusion of space within a small physical object when you go digging in your handbag looking for the parking card. But remember, we are patient in many other ways.

    Next week, we discuss what men really think when you say at a restaurant, "I'm not really hungry but you order for yourself and I will just nibble a bit of your plate."
    How many of you have had the soles your Nikes ripped off from under your feet due to poor manufacturing.

    I officially now do not wear or support Nike. Great shoes if you are a rapper or a pimp but total crap if you want something for the gym.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    It is rather sad that it has come to this. I see billboards and full-page ads for this.

    "There are things that are never certain. But when you choose to take the risky way and work illegally in the UK, the result is certain.

    The British Government has implemented a new stringent system for working visa application and has stepped up on its border patrol....You fork out a ridiculous amount of money as fees, only to be denied entry or arrested and deported back to Malaysia."

    I particularly like the menacing border patrol guys waiting to open a can of whoop-ass when your oriental Malaysian ass crosses into British territory.

    We should have placed ads like these in the English newspapers way back when to warn the Brits to not come to Malaya to screw us over.

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Recently, I've been looking into compost. And I am talking about my new found interest in composting, rather than buying or looking at compost. (Although, I am looking to be a composer who composts.)

    I think this is a good thing because we throw out so much stuff when we prepare our food. So in my never ending efforts to reduce waste and my carbon footprint, I am starting my own compost bin where instead of throwing out fruit peels, bits of vegetables, moldy bread, eggshells, tea bags, and my hair into the trash can, I put them in this container. I am supposed to "heat" it up to start the decomposition process. And one of the more effective ways, apparently, is that I pee into this compost bin. I just haven't pulled myself together to do that just yet. What if I miss?

    Then after a few months of rotting in my urine, I get this dirt which I can use to plant stuff. It's probably just a matter of time before I start taking pooping into a plastic container to contribute to my compost bin. How great is that?

    I am going to start my own herb garden in my balcony. And by "herb" I mean basil, thyme, parsley....that sort of thing, and not marijuana. I feel a renaissance coming from within.

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    The nice people at P1 WiMax hooked me up with an Intel Centrino 2 notebook from Fujitsu and some major WiMax action. All that high-spec on the notebook is really cool but it wasn't really enough to get me excited to want to blog about it. But I'll tell you what got my juices going. The Acer Aspire One.
    This Acer isn't really the highlight. But for me, this little thing takes the cake. It is surprisingly fun. You can't under estimate the joy of surfing the web on a small little notebook. I can actually surf in bed holding it with one hand. And here's the best part: I had the thing on and running with the P1 WiMax connected via USB for over EIGHT HOURS! I imagine I'd get more hours if I connected via wi-fi since I won't have that USB modem sucking off power from the battery.

    I didn't really think it would make much of a difference but surfing with a wireless modem is somehow more a more natural way to stay online. It's the difference between using a cordless phone and using a cellular phone. Right now, WiMax with P1 is fast! Nevermind what it states on the brochure, in practical use, it's at least five times faster than when using my Streamyx connection.

    I downloaded AVG AntiVirus, a 60MB file with Streamyx at 5KB/s. I was getting between 35KB to 50kB with P1. Then I downloaded this album via torrent. 80MB zip file. Eight freakin' minutes! Let's hope this lasts. The only peeve is that the connection is unstable. I am not sure why. And it doesn't work on the Mac.

    I feel like a total nerd now.

    Believe it or not, I am not getting paid for saying all this. But I love this Aspire One. It does not feel like a toy at all! I find myself turning this silly little thing on for no reason but just to play with it. Wait a minute...I used to do that a lot with another personal thing until my mom told me to stop.

    OK. Now I am over it.

    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Here's a tip for the recording artist.

    There is no need to show that you are versatile as a singer. That's not the point of an album. When a person listens to an album, they are looking to be entertained. The listener wants to feel happy. Wants to feel sad. Wants to get up and dance. Wants to be the singer. Your album is there for the listener. You are serving the listener while maintaining some artistic integrity and your personality. That's what an album is about. It's your personality or A personality in songs.

    Be yourself. Tell your producer, your composer, your manager who you are and what you are about. Then make it work without being syok-sendiri-ing yourself. If your manager or label tells you to sing polka because it sells but you feel the life being sucked out of you when you sing it, tell your manager or label to go to hell or find another line of work. You will be better off in the long run.

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    I had an exciting episode today with the police at a road block (of the entrapment variety). These guys are so cool and yet so stupid all at the same time. To cut a long story short, he asked for a bribe and I said no. When he wanted to issue the ticket, I took his picture with my camera phone. And that freaked him out. The idiot.

    What we need is a phone number we can call to report this sort of random corruption.

    Other than that, it has been a pleasant day.

    Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    It's happening again!

    Ahmad Izham Omar and Faizal Tahir hard at work. You'd think we are going at it in the thick of creativity. Creative juices overflowing. Ideas and melodies bouncing off the walls....or more accurately, being absorbed in the acoustic treatment on the walls. Wailing guitar solos and blazing synthesiser leads. Yes, this is what hit records are made of!

    But the truth is, we were playing "Name That Tune" and I called it on Izham's "Gilligan Island Theme."

    To borrow that phrase: It's a game where the points don't matter.

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    "America's Best Dog"!

    This is why the world hates America.