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    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    I had an interesting early day yesterday (Saturday). I was at Stadium Bukit Jalil and I got down to the track and field. It was quite a perspective.
    I was there as a volunteer for Maya Karin's "Maya Loves Nature" event. It's something Maya came up with as a way to get her environmental messages across. And she is starting with schools. She had three schools to get their students to collect plastic bags. That's how these huge plastic balls came about.

    Then for the photo op, we had Maya sit on the balls.

    Anyway, it was a very good reminder for me. I am no fanatic but I have always been more sensitive to the environment and my impact on the planet. But in the past year, I notice myself pushing and challenging myself to do more. I try to fart less now.

    And now I have this thing against plastic bottles. I try to not buy bottled drinking water. Did you know it takes more water to recycle or manufacture the plastic bottle than the drinking water itself? And more of the time, we just throw the empty bottle away. That bugs me now. And what bugs me even more is that my favourite Gatorade comes in plastic bottles and that's the only way I can get it. Sigh.

    I am now getting a rash from all this hippie talk.

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    Eng said...

    In thailand, Gatorade comes in glass bottles :)

    use a reusable bottle (Sigg perhaps) to carry water around.