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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    The nice people at P1 WiMax hooked me up with an Intel Centrino 2 notebook from Fujitsu and some major WiMax action. All that high-spec on the notebook is really cool but it wasn't really enough to get me excited to want to blog about it. But I'll tell you what got my juices going. The Acer Aspire One.
    This Acer isn't really the highlight. But for me, this little thing takes the cake. It is surprisingly fun. You can't under estimate the joy of surfing the web on a small little notebook. I can actually surf in bed holding it with one hand. And here's the best part: I had the thing on and running with the P1 WiMax connected via USB for over EIGHT HOURS! I imagine I'd get more hours if I connected via wi-fi since I won't have that USB modem sucking off power from the battery.

    I didn't really think it would make much of a difference but surfing with a wireless modem is somehow more a more natural way to stay online. It's the difference between using a cordless phone and using a cellular phone. Right now, WiMax with P1 is fast! Nevermind what it states on the brochure, in practical use, it's at least five times faster than when using my Streamyx connection.

    I downloaded AVG AntiVirus, a 60MB file with Streamyx at 5KB/s. I was getting between 35KB to 50kB with P1. Then I downloaded this album via torrent. 80MB zip file. Eight freakin' minutes! Let's hope this lasts. The only peeve is that the connection is unstable. I am not sure why. And it doesn't work on the Mac.

    I feel like a total nerd now.

    Believe it or not, I am not getting paid for saying all this. But I love this Aspire One. It does not feel like a toy at all! I find myself turning this silly little thing on for no reason but just to play with it. Wait a minute...I used to do that a lot with another personal thing until my mom told me to stop.

    OK. Now I am over it.

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