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    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Recently, I've been looking into compost. And I am talking about my new found interest in composting, rather than buying or looking at compost. (Although, I am looking to be a composer who composts.)

    I think this is a good thing because we throw out so much stuff when we prepare our food. So in my never ending efforts to reduce waste and my carbon footprint, I am starting my own compost bin where instead of throwing out fruit peels, bits of vegetables, moldy bread, eggshells, tea bags, and my hair into the trash can, I put them in this container. I am supposed to "heat" it up to start the decomposition process. And one of the more effective ways, apparently, is that I pee into this compost bin. I just haven't pulled myself together to do that just yet. What if I miss?

    Then after a few months of rotting in my urine, I get this dirt which I can use to plant stuff. It's probably just a matter of time before I start taking pooping into a plastic container to contribute to my compost bin. How great is that?

    I am going to start my own herb garden in my balcony. And by "herb" I mean basil, thyme, parsley....that sort of thing, and not marijuana. I feel a renaissance coming from within.

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