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    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    In this absolutely thrilling update, I would like to state that as a supposedly music producer and composer (hah!), I manage myself. Occassionally, Azlin Abas, my girlfriend and my sister tell me what to do but mostly related to my bad habits such as my nose picking in public.

    When it comes to music, no one, and I mean NO ONE manages me or my time or make any decisions for me or on my behalf.

    I will never ask for money upfront for a song demo. No matter how busy, I will never say no to anyone without meeting the person first. And I usually have good A&R reasons if I can't take on a project.

    In other words, if you want to get in touch with me, get in touch with ME directly. Send me a message on Facebook or leave a message here. Don't trust anyone who asks for money just for a song demo.

    And remember, you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose. But don't pick your friend's nose.


    Ismail Abdul Aziz said...

    What does one need to do to be part of your music team? I love composing music. Since kecik. I just finished my studies, and now I'm seeking opportunity to pursue my dream. I need a guide or someone to drag me in, at least teach. I can show you some of my stuff, definitely.

    p/s: Yes, I can't find anywhere here that I can post this message personally. Thousand apology.

    a.mok said...

    it helps if you left your email contact.

    Ismail Abdul Aziz said...

    Owh sorry. I thought about it after I sent it. But then I thought that you might go over to my page and send the reply from there. But then I thought it might trouble you somewhere somehow. But then I thought of sending another post here with my email address...ow wth.

    Thank you very much for replying Audi. Appreciate it.

    Ismail Abdul Aziz said...

    Happy noon Audi. I've sent roundly four emails to you. If it's not good then it's fine, just wandering if it gets you.

    Thank you.