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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    I've ripped of Michael Jackson's music so many times for my music.

    1. "Dikau"- for Ning Baizura's "Awan Yang Terpilu" album in 1996. The chords for the song was based on "Rock With You".

    2. "Mama Said" - for Kaer's English track in his "Menjelma" album in 1997 which is an interpolation of "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'."

    3. "Pasti Berbeza" for Sarah Raisuddin for the "One In A Million" finale song in 1998 which is based on "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough".

    4. I also used the opening melody for "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" for Hazami's opening line in "Bukan Igauan" in 1998.

    5. And again "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" left its vibe in Reefa's "Weekender" in 2003.

    My only living influence now is Prince and we will reveal how many times "Purple Rain" has made its way into my music.

    Also, like Michael Jackson, I used to be black and he made it OK for me to also say "Hey! I can grab my crotch in public if I want!"

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    In another totally unrelated story, I must tell you that I am really enjoying my Acer Aspire netbook even more now that I have WiMax connection all thanks to P1 WiMax. I had a defective modem which gave me connection problems at first but it was replaced today. I had it connected to a few computers at the studio and it worked beautifully. I am now a believer.

    But when I hook it up to the Aspire, that's when I get a little aroused by the combination. I say this in all sincerity because I just met with the P1 people two days ago who got me the Acer Aspire. And not because I am taking a stab at Dell. I have nothing to do with Acer. I am not endorsing their brand.

    It would be my wet dream if the Aspire ran Mac OS X instead of Windows XP.

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    A day after I posted the blog entry bitching Dell out, I get a call from Dell's "Escalation team" informing me that Dell will fix the DVD drive on the XPS notebook. I thought I'd wait until it is actually fixed before I do my "victory for the little people" dance.

    For today, two days after that call, I get numerous calls from Dell Logistics and Dell Technical Support and Dell Customer Service all telling me that they will coming to my office at 2.30pm. It seemed like at least ten people were involved in coordinating this exercise.

    At 2.30pm, a Dell-appointed technician comes to the office. We now wait for the optical drive to be delivered by another party which arrives an hour late. The very nice technician pain-stakingly opens up the XPS notebook. Discovers that the drive is faulty. He doesn't know why. Fair enough. So the drive is screwed. Not as simple as "sticking a paperclip in a pinhole" type of situation. But I certainly wasn't going to pay RM400 to find that out.

    In any case, calls were made by the technician. And then he informs me, that he cannot replace the drive because it is no longer under warranty and gives me the same goddamn motherfucking customer-friendly Dell policy. If another Dell-related person calls me to tell me this policy again, I swear to God, I will lose my fucking mind and may have to kill someone.

    But I digress.

    So, I ask the technician how much to replace the drive, and he puts me on the phone with the guy he was talking to using MY office phone! I asked "how much?" and he puts me on hold for five minutes before getting back to me with "our sales guys are busy now and I don't have the information for you. I will have to call you back." To which I tell him to not bother.

    I see from the look of the technician's face, he is shocked. Not at me, but at how things are unfolding....which he later tells me. (He is not from Dell but from CSC which is appointed by Dell to handle repairs.)

    The technician puts the XPS together and leaves.

    At that point, I am thinking, Dell Malaysia is an amazingly, unbelievably stupid company.

    With the drive already there, tech guy already have everything ready to install the new drive, they choose to follow policy after this matter has already been blown to this proportion. Great, they saved RM200 on the drive! I am sure it will make up for the thousands they have already spent on human resources dealing with this one simple matter. A great approach to trying to salvage me as a customer.

    Of course, I am not sure as to why they even bothered sending the replacement DVD drive there in the first place.

    Now this is just amusing. I feel like I am in one of those case studies on bad customer relationship management. And each step Dell makes is comical.

    Let's see how funny it can get. I am sending a copy of the original email and my blog entries to Michael Dell, as suggested by blog reader and fellow producer, Azlan Abu Hassan. I will report as the situation unfolds. I am now after more than just a DVD drive because Dell wasted my time.

    In response to a comment from my previous entry about Dell batteries dying, I am sorry to say that battery life depends on use. It's true for all rechargable batteries. Unless if it happens to a particular batch of batteries from a particular production batch. Then you can blame it on manufacturing defect. But I appreciate the support.

    Errr wait...damn you Dell.

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    I want to relate a recent experience I have had with Dell Computers. I have a DVD stuck in a Dell XPS notebook bought about year and half ago for RM6000+!! The DVD drive itself still works. I can access the DVD but I just can't eject the disc out. And it doesn't have a pinhole that I can stick a paper clip into to force the disc out.

    I call Dell. They said they'd call me back but didn't. So I email with strong words. Then I get a call. I am given two options: Pay RM400+ for a one-time fix, or extend the warranty for RM1100+.

    Now, who would want to pay RM400 to get a DVD out?

    I get upset. I call Dell again and for two hours, I get tossed around between their customer service and technical department both tell me the same thing: "Your warranty has expired. You have two options. This is our policy."

    And I am saying: "I have bought, through my various companies, easily over RM100,000 worth of Dell products over the past three years. I paid RM6000+ for your notebook. Your product fails and I am unable to resolve a situation that can usually be resolved by the end-user. (re: pinhole) Can't you offer me some customer service and keep me happy as a future customer?"

    Deep down I am wishing: "I should have bought another Mac instead."

    After that evening, I was able to bring this matter to someone senior at Dell. Evidently, the matter gets pushed to another department from which I get a phone call from this afternoon.

    This is where the situation becomes a case study for customer service and business failure.

    I get a call from Dell's "Escalation" team. I am honoured.

    Their solution? Pay RM400+ for a one-time fix, or extend the warranty for RM1100+.

    After all the drama, I get a call from their "escalation team" to rehash the same policy that does nothing to help me or their reputation.

    Instead of just fixing the damned notebook drive which would have cost them less than RM100, they engaged human resources worth probably ten times more and cost them future business from me.

    That cooked my goose!

    I do not blame the people I spoke with who are not able to resolve my issue. This is the failure of management and their lack of understanding customers. Their customer service staff are robots following rules without a mind of their own to solve and understand customer problems with logic.

    By the way Dell, the problem is not a defective optical drive. The problem is that you have a unhappy valuable customer. My request is not unreasonable given the price of the notebook.

    Needless to say, I have written off Dell. I do not buy Dell nor recommend Dell as I have before.

    Bottom line: Don't buy Dell.

    Monday, June 01, 2009

    I am legally married. Can you believe that? Does this mean I have to grow up? Although I do feel like doing grown-up things like doing my taxes or mowing the lawn or playing mahjOH LOOK! A COOKIE.