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    Monday, September 07, 2009

    This is the new song for Siti I was telling you about. It's freaking me out because it's a last minute decision for it to be the first single. I am not completely totally comfortable with it because I did not spend as much time as I normally would with a song AFTER I record the vocals. I am very happy and proud of this song but somehow, deep deep deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeep down inside, I know that if I had had more time, it would sound different. Not necessarily better, just different.

    I am very surprised and glad that Siti recorded this song because I didn't think her camp would record it, let alone make it a single. It's the same kind of surprise that a rock-ish song could be a patriotic song. But life is like that.

    So I hope this song works for Siti and it becomes a big hit for her. Otherwise, she might hate me and never ask me for songs ever again.

    Kupercaya Ada Cinta - Siti Nurhaliza

    Whatever it is, I will never do a song like this again. It's just technically way too much trouble.


    dJ phuturecybersonique said...

    hmmm... you got waltz, ballad, tango all rolled into one song. i had to sit down after 1st listening. and then i got curious to listen to it again. for that, i congratulate you, dude!

    Anonymous said...

    this song so lovely.thanks audi for make my day better to hear this song..

    hafizanmohd said...

    i like it as much as i like Oh My! - Nikki. one of your best work. fusion..

    ~Puteri-Nuur~ said...

    it like a musical theathre!

    Khai Karim said...

    this is the best u came up for siti after ku mahu, pada cintanya....!