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    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    I was recording Shila last night on October 7. She was hungry and needed food.

    So we ordered McDonald's at the studio. We placed the order around 11 pm. After 45 mins, we made calls and finally, the order arrives at 12.30 am!

    To cut a long story short, I told the delivery guy that I was going to take the food and I was not going to pay for it. If they wanted payment, I told him to get his manager to come see me at the studio the next day.

    This is NOT an anti-McDonald's movement. I love McDonald's! I just want a delivery time commitment.

    Do they seriously expect me to pay for the food after such poor service?

    And what was their excuse? Understaffed. Why is that my problem? The least they could have done was to call me to tell me that the order will be late.

    I am sure I am not the only one who gets this bad service. No matter how late our order arrives, we quietly pay for it and then complain about to the person next to us who doesn't really want to listen to it.

    So, today, I am making a stand for the little people.

    McDonald's! Make a delivery time commitment. If Domino's can do it, so can you!

    Until then, I am not going to order from, or eat at McDonald's anymore. (Cheers of joy from my mother, wife, and doctor!) And worse for you, I am going to spread the word. Ask anyone who knows me, when I am on a mission....

    A delivery time commitment! How about it? It will only make you a better company!

    And while I am on it, I would also like to fight for ventilation of the french fries. No one like soggy fries!


    a.mok said...

    Why would i want to become a rider? I know it's not an easy job that why I pay for the service. It's their business. They should do it right. Otherwise don't do it. It's my right as a paying customer to complain if the service is not up to standard. You need to understand the concept of customer service responsibility which you clearly don't.

    pawaka1 said...

    sokong sokong

    Barry said...

    Full support here. I have given up on ordering fries. The limp mess that greets me does not whet my appetite the slightest.
    Now I've gone on to ordering two burgers and a McFlurry. Yes, I is a fat pig.
    When will Wendy's begin delivering I wonder...

    feihong♠ said...

    haha audi are we gonna get k-pop-type of girl group songs from the new shila album? we are in desperate need of them, im so hooked by kpop girl groups lately, they are the bomb! enjoy these and feast on it :D

    just look at the production of their stages and all.. ChinesePop,Malay pop, indo pop, is nowhere near that standard

    Azlan Abu Hassan said...

    Dominos, the so-called Delivery Specialist, refuse to deliver to my area .. so there..

    Anonymous said...

    mcd refuse to deliver at my area too,bukit jelutong. in fact, it is just around the corner. i pity mcd nowadays. carls junior is much2 better, hoping for the delivery service one day....


    Anonymous said...

    oh ya, just to speak up, malaysian artists and music producer, even movie producer, even tv programme procuder should imply the idea of dr M, pandang ke timur. look how the korean people do they showbiz...superb! thats why i only watch astro 303....and im malaysian. no offense, i always tell my peeps how i wish malaysian showbiz can go further like they, kpop artist did. when will we can have our own malaysian wave??

    best regards,jesko.