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    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    I almost feel bad for not blogging.

    Just so you know, it's not that I've been sitting here on my thumb.  I am actually quite in a bit of a stress zone working on two whole albums; one for Faizal Tahir and one for Ning Baizura.  Two very different kinds of albums and two very different singers.  I am insanely grateful that they are both fantastic vocalists!

    Also, I am working on three songs for the Siti Nurhaliza and Krisdayanti duet album.  This one, I am almost afraid because I've never worked with Krisdayanti before and the fact that she is a huge star makes me nervous to the point that I want to pee in my pants.

    All in all, I am excited and amazed that I get to do this.  Praise God!  Alhamdullilah.  Hallelujah.