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    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    As a fairly faithful Christian in an industry with predominantly Muslims, I am used to attending events where there are thanksgiving prayers before an event starts. It can be an album launch or a kenduri.

    When that happens, as a Christian, I take the opportunity to pray with my Muslim friends. Obviously, I will pray to my God (that's Jesus, by the way). Even though I am praying in the midst of Muslims, there is no confusion or temptation for me to want to convert to Islam.

    So to those Muslims who are afraid that they might be duped into Christianity, fear not my fellow Muslim friends. Let me introduce you to my new product called "Free Will". With this new revolutionary product, you cannot be converted to any other religion unless YOU WANT TO BE!

    The Crusaders could drag you into a church and force you at gun point. You could be praying in a church, on your knees and yelling out "Hallelujah", and if in your heart and mind, you are a Muslim, gosh darn it, a Muslim you will remain.

    Order "Free Will" today for only RM299 for a limited time only.


    Anonymous said...

    Amen to that!

    Hsian said...

    I like this :D made me laugh out loud

    ZuLaiShah said...

    Congrats for Bencinta!!

    farah said...

    Well said, Audi!

    aminatulmimi ismail said...

    gelak tak tertahan tahan. thanks audi for introducing such product. kah kah kah.