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    Monday, August 16, 2010

    The Great Facebook/Twitter Find!

    I want to write and produce a song for a random singer I choose from Facebook or Twitter! Any genre or style. Pop, rock, rap, urban, folk. Whatever.

    Send me a sample of your voice. Record it on your mobile phone and email me the clip along with a link to your Facebook profile.

    I will decide based on the tone, character, and quality of your voice as well as your music personality. The quality of the recording does NOT matter. So sing your heart out!

    I'd prefer someone new to the industry; never recorded or released any music successfully.

    Why am I doing this? Because I am just that bored.

    Email your voice demo to giantpurplemonkey(a)

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Monday, August 09, 2010

    It's a tragedy that government policies do not support the music entertainment industry. I am talking about music entertainment here...the stuff that the mass market listens to and not cultural music that gets used as background music for a documentary on the National Geographic channel.

    Millions are allocated for movies and not much (if at all) is put into pop music. Why is that?