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    Wednesday, December 01, 2010

    Since you asked...

    This morning, for the third time this month, I forgot to pack my clothes to wear after my workout at Bangsar Village.  Again, for the third time this month, I had to go to a store in my gym clothes and get a whole new outfit.  Today was extra special because I had specific clothing requirements for a photo shoot later in the afternoon: Plain white T-shirt and dark jeans.  (Thank you Anugerah Juara Lagu!)

    I walk into Ted Baker on the ground floor.  I can sense the Ted Baker retail staff looking at me thinking "Why is this guy in shorts and a gym shirt here?  He can't possibly afford this!"

    I am the only customer.  Three retail staff.  I get no assistance.  This has happened before.

    Hurriedly, I pick out a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.  I try them on.  Seems OK.  The price tag on the jeans says "RM420" but it has a "30%-off"tag on it.  I sneak in the reason why I am in a hurry.

    I'm thinking, "RM294 for jeans."

    The T-shirt is RM99 with 30% off.  Never thought I'd pay RM60 for white T-shirt but since I screwed myself over, I'll pay the price.

    I get to the counter and the total is RM519.

    You see, the price tag is AFTER the discount.  To which I am thinking, "Sneaky bastards!"  If you are already going to put the price after the discount, then why bother put the discount percentage there?  You might as well put "90% off"!

    Of course, I could have not paid for it.  But I needed the clothes and I didn't have the time.

    My beef is not the RM519.

    So, I pay and leave.  I go the gym and do my thing and experience the wonders of the treadmill.  Take a shower and put on my new Ted Baker clothes.  Damn, the RM100-white T-shirt seems a little large now.  I put it on anyway and head back to Ted Baker.

    I explain to one of the three retail assistants.

    "I just bought this shirt.  May I try on a smaller size?"

    I understand how it looks.

    "I just took a shower and this shirt has only been worn for less than 2 minutes.  Less time than if someone where to try on the clothes in your store.  And I am fresh out of the shower with Adidas Team Force Shower Gel.  I am sure you have had filthier customers try on your clothes and then put them back on the rack.  If it will make you feel better, I could go back and change."

    The three stooges looked at each other dumbfounded.  After watching them struggle for about 2 minutes, I just walked out.

    "It should not be that difficult to satisfy a customer."

    Here is a business that has no concept of customer service.  They are giving me shit over a RM100-T-shirt after I paid RM400 for a pair of jeans.  You can imagine how much desire I have for wanting to shop at Ted Baker again.

    Ultimately, I blame Ted Baker management because they failed to empower and train their staff to handle these situations.  More importantly, they fail to allow them to exercise common sense.  As a result, they lost me as a future customer.  I have ill-feelings towards the brand and I will communicate this within my friends.

    The burning question now is, would they have treated me this way if I were a white guy?

    (In response to the comment posted below: It is not an issue based on racism but I'd expect them to be chicken-shit about it and give the expat what he wanted. Possibly out of fear, intimidation, pseudo-worship, or a combination of all the above. This double-standard exists. Don't kid yourself.)